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Green mobility

Zero-carbon mobility solutions for Lille University



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Call for project closed the 18|09|16

Offer innovative solutions for organizing how people move around the campus of the Lille University of Science and Technology.

Suject of the call for project

Purpose of the call for projects

ENGIE wants to develop proposals for mobility that are sustainable, smart and tailored to the needs of the users of the Lille University of Science and Technology.

The proposed solutions must also address the need to reduce critical overcrowding of transit networks in Lille (both major road traffic infrastructure and public transit).

Deadline for applications: Sunday, September 18, 2016 midnight

Earnings and benefits

Rewards and benefits for the selected projects

Selected projects will receive:

  • A partnership with ENGIE to develop the project on campus (for a specific application proposed by the Lille University of Science and Technology)
  • Support from the CCI Nord de France on the technical and financial aspects of developing a solution alongside the regional ecosystem REV3 and making the most of the network’s communications, including its entrepreneurs club
  • Guaranteed visibility at special events, in the press and through other partners (ex. the Internet of Things cluster)
  • A testing ground the size of an average city
  • Potential to cooperation with various research laboratories to improve, expand or refine the technology used
  • Possibility, if necessary, to work with a doctoral student specifically focused on the project
  • Students as experimenters
  • Eventually and if necessary, developing introductory and continuing education training modules
  • Visibility and the possibility of hosting a technology showcase on the campus and beyond it via the Learning Center

Description of the call for projects

Detailed description

The campus of the Lille University of Science and Technology hosts 25,000 people each day, covers 110 hectares and is served by both a subway and the highway. As part of its development of and the renovation of its infrastructure, ENGIE is looking for innovative solutions for how to structure the movement of people within the campus.

The answers may include to the following solutions:

  • New, low-carbon modes of getting around
  • New technology and digital solutions for users
  • New ways of organizing and managing transport for the university

The selection committee is particularly interested in solutions that are:

  • Economically viable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Realistic and practical to implement on campus while incorporating existing mobility solutions
  • Highly usable

The campus of the Lille University of Science and Technology covers:

  • 110 hectares (280,000 m2 built out)
  • 19,604 students
  • 2975 staff
  • 37 special research teams
  • 8 training and research units
  • 2 engineering schools: Polytech Lille and Telecom Lille

Eligibility and selection criteria

Applications will be judged based on several criteria which will be confirmed with the Selection Committee.

  • Relevance to the topic
  • Project originality / innovative character (new technologies/approaches/processes)
  • Level of maturity stage and experience
  • Feasibility
  • Ability to be tested and/or implemented quickly
  • Match between technology/ and uses
  • Societal, environmental and energy performance
  • Social and societal acceptability

Selection Procedure

Selection will take place in in 2 stages:

Phase 1. Shortlist of five standout projects will be established based on applications

Phase 2. Leaders of selected projects will be invited to give a 20-minute presentation to the selection committee in October.

Provisional timetable

  • Launch June 8 2016: launch of the call for projects via the new open innovation platform "Open Innov by Engie" ( during a morning event at the LILLIAD Learning Center for Innovation at the Lille University of Science and Technology
  • September 18: deadline for submitting applications.
  • End of September: Phase 1/ Evaluation of projects submitted by the selection committee.
  • Early October: Phase 2/ Pitch from shortlisted startups for the selection committee, final decision and announcement of the winners during INNOVATION WEEK
  • October 7: Winners named in a ceremony with Philippe Vasseur

The selection committee

Winning projects will be selected by a panel of experts from ENGIE and its subsidiaries as well as local and national economic stakeholders.

Makeup of the selection committee:

  • ENGIE Ineo
  • CCI Nord de France
  • Lille University of Science and Technology

Drivers and call for project partners

The ENGIE Group is aiming to be the leader of the energy transition in Europe by relying in particular on innovation to meet its customers’ new expectations. By regularly launching calls for projects, the open innovation platform "Open Innov by ENGIE" focuses on:

  • multiplying the number of opportunities for external partnerships with stakeholders across the world involved in innovation (entrepreneurs, startups, industrial groups, inventors)
  • Quickly identify new activities (e.g. by positioning the Group at the forefront of the convergence between energy services and information technology)

A 100 million-euro investment fund, "ENGIE New Ventures", has been launched to support innovative startups. It is in this context that the Group has committed itself to examining the feasibility and operational development of your idea/ project, pending your selection by the committee.

Depending on the specifics of the selected projects, the benefits could include a business and/or technological partnership with the Group's subsidiaries, the development of local demonstrators or the activation of ENGIE’s venture capital system.*

ENGIE Ineo, Harnessing energy for a more connected world

Creator of solutions for connected cities and regions, ENGIE Ineo has over 15,000 talented employees working to serve a changing world. With 300 branches in France and abroad, our teams innovate to support you in the energy and digital transitions. They are by your side to when it comes to transport, telecommunications and energy infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects, and security and defense. From design to implementation, maintenance and operations, our experts incorporate and anticipate the uses of the future by developing solutions that combine the highest levels of technical and economic performance.

At ENGIE Ineo, we encourage initiatives from our teams and offer an environment conducive to creativity. ENGIE Ineo is part of Engie Group, one of the world’s leading energy companies.

CCI Nord de France

Every day, CCI Nord de France helps you achieve your dreams of entrepreneurship, whether they involve business creation, improving performance, international development or network access.

Their offering includes services to support companies in their digital transformation a well as in the the adventure of the Third Industrial Revolution.

In the near future, mobility for people and goods will necessarily be "multimodal". Transportation systems will have to reinvent themselves to be more "sustainable": reducing energy consumption and their impact on the environment, improving their quality of service by putting the user at the heart of how they work, relying in particular on digital technologies, while imagining new business models.

Rev3 will raise awareness among businesses and local stakeholders about these issues, helping them change their approach to innovation by experimentation, promoting exemplary projects – each of which will be open to all to benefit from – and offering fantastic economic development opportunities. More than ever, we work alongside actors from the Hauts-de-France, to meet the challenges of developing a sustainable and deeply connected economy.

Lille University of Science and Technology

Lille University of Science and Technology: a resource for observing global changes and their consequences, thinking about and making the ecological transition a reality.

An open-air laboratory for the ecological conversion with a strong political drive to move forward, the University has chosen to create a place for jointly building sustainable development projects and ensuring their overall coherence: the PACTE - Thinking, Acting, and Building the Ecological Transition.

More than a university, the university is more like a city implanted in Villeneuve d'Ascq: 25,000 visitors per day, 110 hectares, 140 buildings with different uses (housing, laboratories, food services, etc.) and 70 km of urban networks (water, sewage, district heating, gas, electricity, public lighting, roads, and more). A city that is also a place of learning and citizenship for historical, cultural and intellectual reasons. The Science City campus is the perfect size to house a project that brings together several research and teaching demonstrators, serving as a replica of the city in transition: energy efficient, livable and sustainable.

The University of Lille, a European university of reference

The University of Lille emerged from the shared desire of the three universities in Lille to develop a European-level university of reference, one that is recognized for its world-class research, its excellence and its innovation in training throughout life. The merger of three universities on January 1 2018 will be the opportunity to meet new international challenges in research and strengthen the excellence of our campus at the regional, national and international levels.

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