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15 Jun. - 18 Jun. 2022



VivaTech is the go-to annual event which brings together the Paris, French and European tech scene in the one place. It’s great to get a download

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Vivatechnology : Europe’s biggest startup and tech event

ENGIE, leader in energy transition, places collective intelligence as a driving force to innovate together for a sustainable world. VivaTech is an opportunity to showcase innovation. During 5 days, startups, SMEs, incubators, employees of ENGIE and its subsidiaries, will share their solutions that meet the challenges of the energy transition.

ENGIE will be present at VIVATECH and will present 14 solutions, offers and startups supported by the ENGIE Group: 

Renewable Gases: innovative production technologies and new uses

  • H2SITE (Spain): A membrane reactor-based system able to produce high purity hydrogen. 
    This Spanish startup produces decentralized renewable hydrogen for small and medium-sized industries and the mobility sector, using multi-purpose membrane reactors fed with feedstocks such as ammonia (NH3), formic acid (H2CO2), biomethane (CH4) or methanol (CH3OH). Find out more.

  • INERATEC  (Germany): Modular plants to convert “green” hydrogen into carbon-neutral fuels.
    This German startup develops modular production units that transform green hydrogen from renewable electricity and CO2 from biomass or captured CO2 into carbon-neutral fuels such as e-methane, e-diesel, or e-kerosene. Find out more.

  • GAYA  (France): Production of renewable gases from non-recyclable solid waste.
    xperimental methanation platform to produce renewable methane from dry biomass, i.e. natural waste, in particular from forests (bark and wood chips), and then carry out a thermochemical conversion of these raw materials. The resulting biomethane can be injected into the gas network or used as a green fuel. Find out more.

Renewable Energy: innovation beyond energy

  • CONNECTED ENERGY  (UK): Energy storage systems using EV batteries to manage grid constraint & manage grid flexibility. Find out More

  • RAPTOR MAPS  (USA): A software platform to standardize data, analyze insights and collaborate across the solar lifecycle.
    A solar power plant lifecycle management software. It enables solar PV companies and manufacturers to standardize the collection and analysis of their plant data and improve their performance throughout the asset lifecycle, from financing and development to operation and maintenance. Find out more. 

  • DARWIN  (France): Optimizes the performance of ENGIE's renewable assets thanks to data collected in real time.
    Darwin collects data from the Group's wind, solar, hydroelectric and biogas farms... This data is cross-referenced with other data to help operational teams improve their revenues and control their costs to accelerate the transition to a greener energy mix.  Find out more. 

  • SOLEYE  (France/ENGIE Green): Digital platform that can estimate the solar resource at any point in Europe with only geographical coordinates.
    A unique digital solution for rapidly retrieving solar resource data for all types of photovoltaic installations in Europe, by coupling artificial intelligence algorithms with satellite image processing. With one click on a map, SolEye provides data of a rare accuracy, at a cost almost zero thanks to the use of Open Data.  Find out more. 

  • The ZEBRA project (Zero wastE Blade ReseArch – Research on zero waste blades), led by the IRT Jules Verne, brings together industrial players and research centers and aims to demonstrate the technical-economic and environmental feasibility of thermoplastic wind turbine blades, in an eco-design approach to facilitate recycling. Find out more

Digital for Positive Impact

  • VYNTELLIGENCE  (UK): Digital transformation of paper & form-based field processes with its patented & AI powered
    Vyntelligence provides a technical and innovative solution to better operate buildings through the application of video technologies and Artificial Intelligence. To know more about Vyntelligence.  Find out more

  • DATAIKU  (France): The platform that systemizes the use of data and AI, bringing people together to deliver amazing business results.
    A centralized Data Science and Analytics platform, supports organizations in their transition to enterprise artificial intelligence. It brings together data experts and business users, provides best practices/models repositories and offers innovative tools for the management and deployment of Machine Learning and AI. Find out more
  • Energy Web Foundation X ENGIE Energy access: your blockchain technology to crowdfund solar equipment in Africa
    Energy Web Foundation and ENGIE Energy Access cooperation in a blockchain-based participatory financing platform that will increase ENGIE's external financing options and amounts while reducing customer loan financing costs. Find out more

Innovation for Teritoiries & industries

  • SIRADEL  (France): 3D Data & Digital Twins of territories. 
    Siradel is an ENGIE Group company that produces 3D digital twins of cities and collaborative 3D visualization platforms. Read more

  • HELIATEK (Germany): organic photovoltaic film
    Heliatek produces photovoltaic films for buildings. It has developed the world's first industrial grade organic photovoltaic (OPV) film that enables buildings to be energy neutral. Its technology uses carbon-based molecules to convert sunlight into energy. This method creates ultra-lightweight, flexible and 100% green photovoltaic solutions. Read more

  • LANCEY  (France): Smart space heater coupled with a battery to increase comfort, energy efficiency, and provide grid services.
    This  startup develops solutions to democratize energy storage and promote self-consumption in buildings, while fighting against energy insecurity. Read more

Solutions for customers of France BtoC

  • Mon Pilotage Gaz: Intended for ENGIE's gas customers, this solution allows you to control your natural gas heating according to your budget and desired comfort level. The gas sensor designed by ENGIE measures the natural gas consumption. It is associated with the Netatmo Intelligent Thermostat and its relay, which control the gas boiler, measure the interior temperature of the housing and manage the planning of its heating, the whole managed from the application "Mon Pilotage gaz ".

  • Mon Pilotage Elec: remote control in real time, room by room, of the electric radiators already present in a home. A real tool for the energy transition, the solution practices "shaving", i.e. voluntarily shifting heating consumption by a few minutes to "relieve" the national electricity network when it is most in demand, at peak consumption times such as the end of the day or during periods of extreme cold.

  • Ma Conso+ : Ma Conso+: a connected solution for tracking your electricity consumption in real time and knowing which appliances consume the most energy. Based on a solution that combines a Linky Radio Transmitter (ERL) developed in partnership with Netatmo, the connected objects specialist, a Linky™ meter and a technology for analyzing consumption data, ENGIE's "Ma conso+" service allows users to better adapt their lifestyle habits. 

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