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ENGIE Innovation trophies

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Imaginative Builders

For more than 30 years, ENGIE's Innovation Trophies have been honoring the innovations of employees all over the world. Find the projects developped by our "Imaginative builders" !
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ENGIE Innovation Trophies 2019
Our innovations | France

ENGIE Innovation Trophies 2019

Launch of the ENGIE Innovation Trophies 2019 (BEST OFF]Launch of the ENGIE Innovation Trophies 2019 (REPLAY full session)

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Our 100 innovations
Our innovations | France

Our 100 innovations

The selection of the 2018 ENGIE Innovation Trophies took place over several months to analyze the 530 projects from 36 countries and to nominate the winners of the competition rewarded at the ENGIE Innovation Trophies ceremony on June 28, 2018.A...

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Selected ECRIN
Greener Smarter Industry | France


BY ENGIE France BtoB

The first solution adapted to the technical and economic context of ENGIE Cofely biomass boilers, which automatically and precisely adjusts the combustion parameters, depending on the type of fuel burned, for greater safety and better energy and...

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Selected OptiNoise
Green Energy | France


BY ENGIE France...

OptiNoise is a digital solution which optimizes the energy yield of wind plants subject to noise constraints : it finds the best settings for the turbines among hundreds of millions of possibilities, taking their environment into account in a...

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Winner Grid Balancing Services with a 141 MW PV Plant in Chile
Grid | Chile

Grid Balancing Services with a 141 MW PV Plant in Chile


In a world in which energy is becoming ever cheaper, the value of a reliable grid will become as valuable as the energy itself. Renewable Energy, known due to its variability to be a stress factor for the grid, can actually help to stabilize the...

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Selected Potabilization Process , using excess CO2 from new Plant.
Greener Smarter Industry | United...

Potabilization Process , using excess CO2 from new Plant.


Significant sustained cost savings and reduce our carbon footprint with minimal investment have been achieved by adapting the installed equipment on the Umm Al Nar plant to a different technology for Potabilization of the Desalinated Water, by...

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Winner MAD MAX
Greener Smarter Industry | Belgium



Did you know the unavailibility cost of our largest turbines are around ~1M€/day? Large steam turbines take a long time to stop from turning gear speed. This waiting time is a direct loss of availiblity. The use of Mad Max brake system...

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Selected FREED
Greener Smarter Industry | Belgium


BY ENGIE Benelux

For the first time worldwide the FREED ( Fuel Rod Encapsulation Execution in Doel) project demonstrated the capability of restoring the leak tightness of a defective nuclear fuel rod. This assures an evacuation route applicable...

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Selected MAG-AUTO:  The digital tool shop
Logistics & Procurement | France

MAG-AUTO: The digital tool shop

BY ENGIE France BtoB

MAG AUTO now allows the operational staff to check out their tools in complete autonomy, 24/24, while maintaining their traceability. The goal was to eliminate the time without added value spent on tooling movements for 80 users.

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