Health & Safety
France 2018

Shunt with integrated single-pole detector

The shunt with integrated single-pole detector warns and protects a technician working on a rising gas line of an electrical risk without requiring additional technical activities.
The origins of the presence of an electric potential on a natural gas installation can be multiple: contact with an electrical conductor, fault current. The consequences of an electrification depend on the intensity that goes through the victim but can go until his death. Until today, there is a shunt to prevent the creation of a spark that can ignite the gas, but not allowing to protect the operator from indirect electrification. The idea is to integrate a unipolar detector to alert the operator if there is an electric current on the gas works. The operator can then perform a breakpoint and take the necessary measures. This preventive action makes it possible to warn a technician of gas intervention of the electrical risk, and thus, to avoid potentially very serious accidents.

The project team

  • Thierry ROCHAT


  • GRDF

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