Australia 2018


The establishment of a 1,200 residential customer Virtual Power Plant in South Australia

The project is combined with the development of a “decentralised energy exchange (deX) platform” subsidised by the Australian Government to make renewable energy solutions more accessible and valuable to consumers. 

In South Australia, approximately a third of all households have solar PV systems installed. For many, however, the satisfaction of generating their own electricity is restricted by the limitations of traditional solar without access to battery storage.  The Simply Energy solution is to connect existing home solar systems to an energy storage system for the use at a later time of electricity the solar panels have generated.   

The Virtual Power Plant is created by a collection of batteries managed individually or in unison to support the local or regional electricity grid. The S.M.A.R.T Storage connects home energy storage systems to other systems managed by Simply Energy to form a Virtual Power Plant. S.M.A.R.T Storage has the technology to charge or discharge electricity to help support the grid when needed.

Find out More about Virtual Power Plant by SimplyEnergy  

The project team

  • Greg TRAINOR
  • Carly WISHART
  • David MURPHY
  • Campbell HUTCHISON
  • Lam PHAN
  • Wayne RAU


  • ENGIE Asia-Pacific

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