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15 May 2018

ENGIE Expert Conference in Shanghai

The expert conference is a workshop around the theme "Application of Artificial Intelligence for Energy and Cities" and organized with Chinese University, partners and clients. In partnership with Tongji University, Jiaotong University and Shanghai University

This conference seeks to identify challenges and opportunities for the application of AI to real world city planning, design, and management problems. ENGIE supports a wide range of research and development for urban planning, design, and operations, and believes that best solutions result from collaboration and cooperation.


9:30  : Welcome Remarks and Introductions with Charlotte ROULE, CEO, ENGIE China ; Prof. Bo JIANG, VP, TONGJI ; Dr. Isabelle MORETTI, Chief Scientific Officer, ENGIE Group. 

10:15 : AI for Cities: Data-driven vs Issues-driven Dr. Ben SCHWEGLER, Chief Scientist, Director ENGIE Lab China. 

10:35  : ENGIE’s current application of AI with Dr. Bernard BLEZ, Director ENGIE CRIGEN, ENGIE Group

11:00 : Data-driven Building Environment and Energy Technology with Prof. Hongwei TAN, Executive Director, Research Center of Green Building & New Energy, TONGJI

11:30 : Mobile Energy Internet with Prof. Qingwen LIU, Computer Science Dept, TONGJI

13:00 : Big Data for Energy with Prof. Michalis Vazirgiannis, ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE

13:30 : Big Data for Cities with Dr. Fabien PFAENDER, Associate Professor and Data Exploration Researcher, Sino-French School, SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY

14:15 : Panel Discussion

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