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ENGIE New Ventures invests in WASE

ENGIE New Ventures invests in WASE

WASE is a UK based startup developing a technology that maximises biogas potential as a renewable baseload energy source. 

ENGIE New Ventures, ENGIE’s Research and Innovation investment fund for innovative start-ups that accelerate the energy transition, has invested in WASE, a UK-based company developing technology that unlocks a 30% increase in the amount of methane generated from biomass, including from previously untreatable waste streams.

WASE is unlocking the power of waste to make it the fuel for the future. Its proprietary Electro-Methanogenic Reactor (EMR) technology maximises the amount of biogas produced from biomass in anaerobic digestion (AD) plants, as well as from organic matter in wastewater. Its units increase biomethane yield by 30% and reduce production time by up to a factor of 10. WASE’s plug-and-play system fits into existing infrastructure and is also 50–70% smaller than the units currently available. The modular solution allows for customisation, making it much easier for companies to deploy at their site, resulting in higher energy production and lower costs in the long run.

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