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A smart radiator that knows how to store energy - Lancey X ENGIE @ VIVATECH 2022
Smart buildings 07/06/2022

A smart radiator that knows how to store energy - Lancey X ENGIE @ VIVATECH 2022

Lancey Energy Storage is a young industrial company created in 2016 and based in Grenoble. Lancey develops solutions aiming to democratize energy storage and promote self-consumption in buildings, thus fighting energy poverty.From June 15 to 18, Lancey will be present at Viva Technology alongside ENGIE. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the company in which ENGIE New Ventures, ENGIE's corporate investment fund, recently invested.Raphaël Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Lancey tells us more

During Viva Technology, LANCEY will present its complete solution that promotes photovoltaic self-consumption.

Lancey's heating, storage and energy management solutions revolve around LANCEY Capella, a smart electric radiator incorporating a storage battery. It is as easy to install as any conventional electric radiator and replaces obsolete and energy-consuming versions with significant benefits:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of housing and tertiary buildings while reducing the cost of the electricity bill
  • Encourage photovoltaic self-consumption thanks to solar panels
  • Enable the consumption as a priority of the electricity produced and stored during off-peak hours, when the electricity is carbon-free or comes from solar production

LANCEY has launched the production of its Capella radiator in a Bosch factory in Marignier in Haute-Savoie and sells its solution in B2B and B2B2C. You can find the LANCEY solution in social housing as well as in individual housing, through our installer partner netwotk.

What are you going to present at Vivatech? What are the particularly innovative new features of the project?

During Viva Technology, LANCEY will present its complete solution that promotes photovoltaic self-consumption. This combines heating efficiency, storage capacity suitable for all types of housing and intelligent energy management in the home.
The heating function is provided by the LANCEY Capella, the first radiator equipped with an integrated battery, which has one of the most efficient heating systems on the market. This is accompanied by auxiliary radiators, certified “3rd eye”, that is to say the best heating performance in France. 
All these radiators are connected to the Energy Management System (EMS) developed by LANCEY. The latter retrieves information from the sensors present in the radiators, from the smart meter giving the price of electricity for the accommodation live, and from the user application which collects user requests. Thanks to all this data, the LANCEY EMS anticipates needs in order to reduce consumption and therefore the energy bill. 
Finally, the storage function makes it possible to store energy when it is cheapest, either during off-peak hours or when photovoltaic production exceeds immediate consumption. The stored energy can thus be reused for all electrical uses in the home.

What do you expect from this participation in Vivatech

We already had the chance to participate in Vivatech and we are delighted to be able to be back again this year. The size and attractiveness of this event make it one of the central meeting points for innovation and technology, in France but also in Europe. Being present allows us to meet a large number of players who enrich our vision of the ecosystem in which we operate.
These few days will give us the opportunity to discuss with our partners but also and above all to meet new people with whom the possibilities of collaboration are numerous.
The diversity of the solutions that are presented is both enriching by all that it teaches us but also encouraging when we see the growing role played by the ecological transition and the solutions dedicated to it in the show.

For you the future will be...?

For LANCEY the future will go through the use of renewable energies and therefore through self-consumption and storage.

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