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Digital and data for better comfort and energy savings
Smart buildings 13/06/2022

Digital and data for better comfort and energy savings

 "Ma conso+ " , "Mon pilotage Elec " and "Mon pilotage gaz". The ENGIE booth at Viva Technology will host new ENGIE offers for individuals. These offers give our customers the keys to understanding and significantly reducing their electricity and natural gas consumption, thanks to innovative solutions combining data, digital and connected objects

Vivatech is an opportunity to demonstrate in a concrete way, to the general public as well as to professionals, ENGIE's ability to innovate at the service of its customers, to help them consume less and better.

Florian Chevallier, BtoC Deputy Marketing Director, presents  the solutions "Ma conso+ " , "Mon pilotage Elec " and "Mon pilotage gaz" presented on ENGIE Booth at VIVATECH

Hello Florian, what are you going to present at Viva Technology?

We will present three innovative offers that have been launched recently: Ma Conso +, Mon Pilotage Elec and Mon Pilotage Gaz.
Ma conso+ was launched in February 2022 and allows our customers to measure their electricity consumption in real time. Thanks to the dedicated application, they can also measure the actual consumption of the various electrical appliances in the home, and be informed in the event of an imminent risk of their installation being tripped.
The two other services we present were launched last year: they allow intelligent control of electric radiators and natural gas heating respectively.
These three additional services make it possible to control electricity and natural gas consumption. Consumers regain control over their bills, and also contribute to the energy transition, since we know that the least polluting energy is the one that we do not consume.
Let’s mention that, unlike the other two offers, Mon Pilotage Elec does not require to subscribe an energy contract with ENGIE. A customer of the Mon Pilotage Elec offer can choose to stay with an alternative electricity supplier. We want these innovations to be open to as many people as possible!

How do these services work?

These services operate using connected objects installed in customers' homes.
My Conso+ requires the connection of a Linky Radio Transmitter directly to the Linky meter. This operation is done in total autonomy by the customer and requires only a few minutes.
Mon Pilotage Gaz works thanks to a connected thermostat and a sensor directly connected to the Gazpar meter. The thermostat can be installed by the customer, or by a professional installer. In this case, ENGIE reimburses him up to €100 for the installation.
Mon Pilotage Elec requires the installation of boxes on each of the radiators. This operation requires the visit of a technician to your home. Customers benefit from all the advantages of a connected radiator, without having to replace all of their heating equipment.
These 3 solutions work with mobile applications that allow remote interaction.

How are these offers innovative?

First of all, ENGIE is the only energy supplier to massively market these smart solutions which result from several years of development, in conjunction with leading partners in their fields (Netatmo for Ma Conso+ and Mon Pilotage Gaz, and tiko for Mon Pilotage Elec). These solutions make it possible to manage electricity and natural gas consumption in an intuitive, simple and digital way.
Mon Pilotage Elec allows remote control of electric heating devices, whatever their generation, without having to change all of its equipment. The offer thus allows customers to benefit from better comfort thanks in particular to room-by-room management, while generating savings. Finally, when the electricity network is strained, Mon Pilotage Elec automatically modulates the consumption of its customers, without impacting their comfort. The load shedding thus generated relieves the network and avoids the production of carbon-generating production assets. It is the only solution on the market to improve customer comfort while relieving the network when it is strained.
Mon Pilotage Gaz is the only solution on the market that allows you to control your gas heating remotely, finding the best balance between comfort and budget. With this solution, the customer knows his consumption forecasts precisely in MWh and in euros, is notified in the event of a deviation from his forecast budget and can adjust his heating program according to these elements. The calculations are based on complex forecasting algorithms, real-time data analysis and artificial intelligence.
My conso+ allows you to analyze your electricity consumption in real time, thanks to state-of-the-art hardware technology. An intuitive digital interface allows customers to track their consumption, analyze it, and adapt their habits accordingly. This very easy-to-use service is based on state-of-the-art hardware technology that allows the best current connectivity in radio protocol.

What do you expect from your participation in Vivatech

We participate in Vivatech in order to publicize these innovative offers, which are still young since they have only been out for a few months. ENGIE has great ambitions around green comfort at home. Vivatech is an opportunity to demonstrate in a concrete way, to the general public as well as to professionals, ENGIE's ability to innovate at the service of its customers, to help them consume less and better.

For you the future will be...?

It should definitely be low carbon, in order to fight against climate change. Only innovation, through connected and digital solutions, will make it possible to achieve the ambitious objectives of reducing carbon emissions. Our services will continue to evolve and be enriched thanks to data and artificial intelligence. Innovation is at the heart of ENGIE's strategy, serving our customers to help them consume less and better, and live better in their homes.

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