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GRDF Call for Innovative Solutions for the Mobilization of Biowaste sorted at source.

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Call for project closed the 30 Jun. 2021

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Subject of the call for project

GRDF wishes to identify all the innovative and relevant solutions for the collection and sorting at source of biowaste in France. This approach is for the benefit of an efficient chain of mobilization of biowaste and applies to all the bricks that compose it (awareness - collection - pre-treatment - treatment and production of green gas) (see the specifications).

This call is addressed to French companies, start-ups or associations.

Earnings and benefits

The selection committee will select the most relevant and innovative solutions and include them in a catalog, composed of "Solution" sheets and distributed to all the actors of the "biowaste" sector, the local authorities as well as the actors of the "methanization" sector.

The catalog will:

  • facilitate the connection of the stakeholders
  • allow the acceleration of concrete realizations of experimentation on the territories, 
  • be a support for the deployment of effective solutions for the material and energy valorization of biowaste. 

GRDF will be responsible for the online distribution and possible publication of the document. An online version will be made available to the solution provider for distribution within its network.

Description of the call for projects

GRDF supports the development of methanization and wishes to support local authorities in the deployment of source separation of biowaste. 

The obligation to sort at source

This regulatory obligation applies to producers of more than 10 tons per year. From January 1st 2023, it will concern producers of more than 5 tons per year. Then from January 1st 2024, it will concern all producers. From then on, the sorting at source of biowaste and its valorization will concern everyone: from the private individual, through the local restaurant owner to the food industry.

Local authorities and biowaste methanization sector: common issues

This obligation underlines the double role of the communities. First of all, they must implement the sorting at the source of biowaste as part of their public service mission of waste management and this, within a period of less than 4 years. Moreover, the communities ensure the sustainable development of their territory. And they decline for it objectives of energy planning, circular economy and ecological.

As for the biowaste methanization sector, it makes it possible to link the two commitments of the communities and thus places them at the heart of its development.

Collection and sorting of biowaste are key stages

The benefit of this double "material" and "energy" valorization made possible by methanization depends on an efficient implementation of biowaste collection. Controlling the quality of the flows collected upstream of anaerobic digestion is a prerequisite for this valorization. It is also a guarantee of acceptability by the agricultural actors of the return to the soil.

Solutions that are not very visible in a booming sector

The obligation of sorting at source is a real opportunity for the emergence of new French sectors of excellence : companies and entrepreneurs can create, innovate and develop new offers. They can experiment and put them on the market alongside and for the needs of communities, producers of biowaste and holders of methanization projects.

However, due to the emerging nature of this "biowaste" sector, the visibility of their innovative solutions is low.

This call for solutions aims to identify all innovative and relevant solutions for the collection and sorting of biowaste in France. It is for the benefit of an efficient mobilization of bio-waste on all the bricks that compose it (awareness - collection - pre-treatment - treatment and green gas production).

Eligibility and selection criteria : 

  • Interest of the solution with respect to the objective of biowaste valorization by methanization on different leverage effects for the benefit of the sector:

            - gain on the quality of the flows ;

            - gain on the volume of the mobilized flow ;

            - gain or maintenance of the methanogenic potential of bio-waste;

            - potential for reducing mobilization and treatment costs.

  • Relevance to the scope of the call.
  • Maturity of the proposed solution
  • Originality of the solution
  • Degree of innovation
  • Collaborative potential for GRDF and for other players in the sector
  • Capacity to disseminate the technical or service solution
  • Location of the company's headquarters must be in France

Selection procedure : 

  1. Initial selection of candidates by a GRDF selection committee
  2. Potential pitch session of finalists to selection committee members to better understand shortlisted projects and facilitate selection of winners

Provisional timetable :

- Launch of the call for solutions: May 3, 2021

- Deadline for applications: June 30, 2021

Applicants have until the closing date of the call to enter the form available on the GRDF application platform.

Questions will be published regularly during the Call, on the GRDF application platform, in the form of FAQs.

For more information, consult the GRDF call page and its specifications.

Contact : Marianne Gallardo, ENGIE Calls for Projects Manager

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