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ENGIE aims to produce synthetic kerosene in France
New energies 04/02/2021

ENGIE aims to produce synthetic kerosene in France

On February 8th, 2021  takes place the European high-level conference on synthetic Sustainable Aviation Fuels. With France KerEAUzen, ENGIE and its partners aim to produce - in France - a sustainable synthetic kerosene to decarbonize the aviation industry.

This influential consortium is willing to set the foundations for the future of aviation

Our ambition

The aviation industry has committed to emit half as much CO2 in 2050 compared to 2005. Energy efficiency will not be sufficient to reach this goal. Hence, there is a need to find alternative solutions, such as sustainable aviation fuels that allow to reduce up to 90% of CO2 emissions [1] and can be used in existing aircrafts and infrastructures. 

Consistently with its purpose “to act to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral economy”, ENGIE is committed to contribute to a deep decarbonation of the aviation industry. 

Our project

As a leading producer of renewable energy, ENGIE strives to build a French filiere to produce e-kerosene[2]. This synthetic kerosene is made from renewable electricity, water and biogenic CO2,  all sourced in France, with an ecological balance tending towards carbon neutrality over the entire emissions cycle. Our first production unit will be located in Normandy. 

Our partners

To that end, ENGIE joins forces with German electrolysis company Sunfire, as well as leading partners from the aviation sector (Group ADP, AIRBUS, Group AIRFRANCE KLM and SAFRAN). This influential consortium is willing to set the foundations for the future of aviation. 

Our product

Our synthetic kerosene aims to offer a competitive alternative in complement to biokerosene. It will be progressively blended into fossil kerosene to meet the decarbonation target of the aviation industry. A share of the e-kerosene produced will be used for research and certification purposes by French aviation industry stakeholders. 

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[2] : synthetic kerosene is also known as e-kerosene because it is produced from electricity. One can also say synthetic jet fuel

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