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Call for project closed the 31|01|16

To offer innovative services for the city and citizens using data and existing infrastructure in Mulhouse, including the WiFi and TV networks.

Suject of the call for project

Projects may include the development of sensors, data recovery, and proposals for new uses or services in the spirit of Cit'ease, the connected dashboard for piloting city services and functions.

The call for projects is focused on useful services for the city and its citizens. This includes helping to strengthen relationships with citizens. The prioritized themes are:

  • Lifestyle (sports, youth activities)
  • Transport and mobility
  • Energy and waste management
  • Education and youth

Earnings and benefits

Earnings and Benefits:

2 prizes will be awarded:

  • The "Emergence" Prize will go to a project led by a young entrepreneur, a student or a startup less than 3 years old.
  • The "Development" Prize will go to a project led by an existing business more than 3 years.

The winning projects will receive 6 months of the following:- Special meetings with administrators from the City of Mulhouse;

  • A full scale sit to test out and demonstrate projects: the entire city of Mulhouse as a testing ground!- Technical support services from the city for building or co-developing the project;
  • Expert support from ENGIE and SUEZ to accelerate their development;- Guaranteed visibility at events, in the press and via other partners.

The winners also get space to work in Mulhouse, specifically in the "e-nov campus" pre-incubator or at the Technopole Mulhouse coworking space.

Description of the call for projects

Detailed description:

This call for projects is part of the City of Mulhouse’s efforts to foster innovation, particularly digital innovation, and to build a smart city by involving residents. The production of data is an increasingly important subject and sits at the heart of the plans for a “connected” local area. There are many potential uses for data in developing innovative public services and optimizing the performance of urban services. How data are used and managed in these processes are therefore essential.

The city of Mulhouse has committed to this process by establishing a monitoring dashboard and local energy management tool. Using tangible indicators, its tracks the results of local policies and helps guide decision-making. For example, the tool helps identify areas of energy poverty by combining data on energy consumption, existing facilities and socio-economic information. This is an important way to make the most of data.

This call for projects also needs to contribute to enriching the applications and features of Cit'ease that were developed in partnership by ENGIE and SUEZ. Cit'Ease is the first comprehensive, interactive dashboard for local governments to be developed by ENGIE and SUEZ. It includes multiple datasets from the local area, allowing civic leaders and citizens to better visualize and make the most of them. Cit'ease must eventually make it possible to:
  • Centralize local area data (for the town and its information systems, but also for utility providers and citizens, etc.)
  • Coordinate and pilot city services in real time;
  • Have greater transparency and information sharing
Cit'ease is for all city stakeholders (elected officials, service providers, citizens), and it can be adapted to include information and applications that match user profiles. It is a customized system that can be modified to fit the specific objectives of a local area, with intuitive navigation and based on an open technology platform. Lastly, it can also be adapted to any kind of media. Cit'ease includes a smartphone application that gives citizens digital access to public services, making their lives easier by informing and getting them involved.

To build on these digital services and/or products, applicants can use:

  • Open data from state or local authorities
  • The features and sensors available smartphones or tablets;
  • Connected objects available on the market.

Requirements / Eligibility:
  • suitability of the idea to the theme
  • originality/innovative nature of the proposal
  • level and type of innovation
  • feasibility and economic viability
  • capacity to go into immediate development
  • social and societal acceptability
  • other

Calendar and Planned Selection Procedure:

Step 1: Application submissions: Deadline January 31st, 2016.

Participants should describe their proposed solution in detail. An initial screening based on the applications will lead to three 3 shortlisted projects being chosen per category ("Emergence" and "Development").

Step 2:
Award ceremony: March 15th, 2016 in Mulhouse

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to show their work at a marketplace event for startups and innovative projects, and then to pitch them in public for a selection committee made of representatives of the various partners. Results will be announced the same evening.

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