Chile 2018 Lauréat

Grid Balancing Services with a 141 MW PV Plant in Chile

Opening new possibilities for Renewable Energy Assets with a 141 MW PV plant in Chile

In a world in which energy is becoming ever cheaper, the value of a reliable grid will become as valuable as the energy itself. Renewable Energy, known due to its variability to be a stress factor for the grid, can actually help to stabilize the grid by providing essential security services, called ancillary services, traditionally known to be provided by conventional power plants.
In a first-of-its-kind test in Latin America, ENGIE Laborelec collaborated with First Solar to demonstrate that Renewable Energies can provide essential ancillary services for grid balancing such as fast frequency regulation and fast voltage regulation. High capacity for increasing grid flexibility by renewable power plants was found.
RES plants will participate in future ancillary markets, generating additional revenues streams and generating a competitive advantage against conventional power plants.
This test performed by Laborelec will change the current sector mindset, showing how ENGIE is the leader of the Energy Transition to a fully sustainable generation portfolio.

The project team

  • Sebastian FALKENBERG
  • Sebastian MICHELS