France 2018 Lauréat

Weechain / TEO : Disrupting Green Electricity traceability with blockchain

The Weechain project, now named TEO "The Energy Origin", is an innovative and strategic solution to accelerate renewable energy business expansion worldwide, a first brick on which other BUs will leverage.

With TEO, our customers, enterprises committed to consuming 100% renewable energy, can track the production of renewable assets they have selected and access daily certificates matching their consumption and these assets’ production on the blockchain.

Discover TEO,  the blockchain platform  for green energy traceability 

A first application of this blockchain solution has been implemented to allow the industrial AIRPRODUCTS to certify to its customers the source of green energy used in the day-to-day production of its products.

The project team

  • Thierry MATHIEU
  • Sophie DUFAUX
  • Nicolas LERICHE
  • Julien BOURDETTE
  • Aurélie PRADEAU