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Our Digital Workforce (R.P.A)
Artificial intelligence
Selected 2017

Our Digital Workforce (R.P.A)

United Kingdom

The project team

  • Martin RUANE
  • Natalie KEANEY
  • Richard ABBA
  • Suzanne SHERRIFF

Robotic Process Automation technology is revolutionising the activity in our back offices; creating a 'programmable' digital workforce to carry out mundane, repetitive office work resulting in improved quality, speed and efficiency and more fulfilling roles for our human workforce whilst saving money.

Our digital workforce is available 24/7/365 and typically can process work at twice the speed of a human worker. Once ‘trained’ the digital worker will never make any mistakes. A single license has the processing capability of 6 human workers.

The software system, called ‘Robotic Process Automation (RPA)’ is flexible, low-code software that can be easily programmed to replicate repetitious processes carried out by human workers in an office environment. The intelligent software means most manual processes can be replaced by a digital worker, such as : rekeying digital data from and to multiple applications, creating correspondence (letters, emails, texts), validate data and make calculations, analyse data and make decisions, log into an application as a user would, so complies with security, thus work with any application.

The software is straightforward to use, meaning scalability is massive. Office workers can programme the software, and because they understand the process, it is both quick and easy to scale across the company.

The Team have been incubating this innovative technology in the UK at North Tyneside Council, where ENGIE manages a number of back office services. The automation programme at North Tyneside will see this year the completion of 15 processes replacing 10 human workers (by natural wastage).

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