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Smart buildings 28/03/2019

ENGIE EVDE: The smart home website in Turkey

Since its establishment in Turkey, ENGIE has been developing its activities as regards to residential offers and services. Today, the Turkish entity is mainly offering gas related services to around 400K customers. In the context of its global transformation and to diversify its activities locally, it is now going one step further with the launch of a new online platform ENGIE EVDE by offering smart home systems and informing customers about these products. 

ENGIE EVDE aims to bring the know-how of ENGIE into households by easing their access to connected devices and thus providing energy efficiency and comfort. ENGIE EVDE is a 100% e-commerce platform built around the same logic as 50Five, another ENGIE e-commerce platform for smart devices present in Europe.

It gathers smart home and Internet of Things products which are divided into 5 categories:

  • Home Automation
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Heating and Energy
  • Health

Customers can also benefit from economic smart home starter packages (bundled products giving great value for money). Since this market is new and relatively small today, ENGIE EVDE provides budget friendly solutions to fit consumers’ needs at best.

As the smart home devices market in Turkey is currently less mature than in Europe, ENGIE EVDE first needs to inform their customers regarding smart home devices and why they are a must have for their homes. However, this young market represents an opportunity for ENGIE with its platform as it is the only website in the country that is focused on this niche market.

The platform aims to increase its size and become more visible in order to be able to compete with major players:

  • Products will be listed in price comparison websites
  • The product portfolio is expected to widen and new product categories will be added (health, multimedia and even sport devices)
  • ENGIE Turkey is then planning to embed services to the platform such as home maintenance to continue improving energy efficiency and to cover all the needs of households
  • The 6-people team currently working on the project is capitalizing on 50Five’s two-year experience to build its website (problems faced, management of the platform, etc.)

ENGIE EVDE is live since June 2018. Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience are also key to the team: products are shipped the same day as order (with a 100% success rate so far) leading to a current customer satisfaction of more than 9/10!

ENGIE EVDE goes beyond sales as the team publishes and shares unique articles related to smart home devices and how to use them. In this way, it aims at being the “first that comes to mind” and trusted website when it comes to learning about smart home devices.

Now, the team is working on the second phase of ENGIE EVDE. In this phase, every kind of home services will be offered to B2C customers under the guarantee of ENGIE and third party insurance company. ENGIE EVDE will be a 360 home platform where customers can find products and services related to the home. 


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