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GreenCREATIVE, inventor of the first smart trashcan, granted the 2015 Start-up of the Year Award

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GreenCREATIVE and its smart trashcan pave the way for clean cities! The awards ceremony for the Start-up of the Year, organized by Bonjour Idée magazine, was held on April 15 at GDF SUEZ headquarters in Paris. GreenCREATIVE was remitted the  

the 2015 Start-up of the Year Award. What’s the innovation? Embedded sensors that identify the type of waste, sorts them and let you know when the bin is full.

Since 2010, GreenCREATIVE develops and manufactures innovative waste sorting solutions. In 2013 the start-up invented the first smart and connected trashcan, entirely designed and made in France. GreenCREATIVE’s founders, Lucile Noury and Rémi Gomez, observed that waste sorting in public places was often complex and under-optimized and took that simple fact as their starting point. GreenCREATIVE then came up with R3D3 that compacts and sorts bottles, cans and cups.

How is the sorting made? Automatically, which simplifies the task for users and avoids mistakes. Thanks to embedded sensors, in only 6 seconds and silently, R3D3 sorts and compacts the waste. Once full, the smart bin sends an alert message to let cleaning companies know they must come and empty the trays. Recycling is then fully significant to users and is not perceived as a constraint anymore. Fully customizable, with a sleek design, the R3D3 trashcan fits any environment while remaining easily recognizable.

“We are convinced that innovation drives tomorrow’s environmental solutions. This is why innovation is at the very heart of our approach”, explains Lucile Noury. GDF SUEZ could only reward GreenCREATIVE’s initiative, the start-up that places waste recycling, at the core of its business.


Source: Hugo Whitemore

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