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Ice slurry generator, energy storage solution, nominated for the CFIA Innovation Trophies

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This industrial generator, unprecedented in the cooling market, was born from the 6th Call for Interest (AMI) on energy efficiency in industry (November 2010). Developed based on 4 patented inventions, the research and development project was partially financed by AXIMA REFRIGERATION and Cofely entities in France. Thanks to the energy storage that occurs in ice slurry, this generator makes it possible to reduce the sizing of the cooling capacity that is installed. Electricity consumption is reduced, especially thanks to its’ functioning at night. Particularly well-adapted to major cooling installations, this new product specifically targets the agro-food and logistics industries by bringing them an efficient answer to the problem of how to reduce their overall energy expenditures, 40-60% of which typically go towards refrigeration. The generator, which features an ice slurry maintained at 6/-8°C, is expected to go on the market starting in 2015.

Source: For more information visit the CFIA website

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