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Smart buildings 26/11/2019

Japan: NICIGAS connects 850,000 Gas Meters with UnaBiz and SORACOM

Nippon Gas Co., Ltd “NICIGAS” gas meters will get a smart makeover by the end of FY2020, thanks to a retrofitted gas meter reader developed by UnaBiz and SORACOM. Led by UnaBiz and SORACOM, the smart makeover will allow the collection of real-time data without the need for a network overhaul. The project marks one of the largest deployments of smart utilities solutions to date. Unabiz is supported by ENGIE New Ventures since 2018.

Make low-cost, real-time gas measurement a reality

This project responds to the problems that the gas industry often faces: the profitability of collecting data in real time. Gas meter data that was manually read by agents once a month is now collected by the NCU on an hourly basis, and sent daily to NICIGAS Stream.

The data collected is used to visualize and predict the amount of gas remaining in households, which allows faster replacement of gas cylinders and improves the quality of service to its consumers. In addition, the NCU also reports meter incidents. In the event of an earthquake, the gas valve is programmed to close automatically, bringing convenience and real-time security to properties. The NCU is energy efficient and should last more than 10 years on internal batteries.


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Source: Unabiz

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