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Rockstart Accelerator Smart Energy Demo Day 2016

Smart buildings

ENGIE Services Netherlands is a partner of the programs on digital health, web & mobile and smart energy of Rockstart, a Dutch incubator which helps startups to be more successful in their first 1,000 days.

On July, 6th, the 10 Rockstart Accelerator startups will present themselves at a Demo Day where they will have the opportunity to share their vision with an audience of 150 investors, executives, Rockstart mentors and press.

The 10 Rockstart Accelerator startups come from different countries all aver the world:

eGEO from Colombia produces low-cost Ultra-SmartGrid terminals that provide local-grid stabilisation & valuable metrics for industries, utilities and grid operators.

GEOLUMEN from Italy provides a wireless network of smart lights for large open spaces (public & indoor), with location-based services like energy saving, safety, security, parking management and environmental monitoring.

MagicView (Netherlands/Belgium/China) provides parking & charging services and payments based on the ultra-precise localisation of vehicles and users, using a proprietary Electronic Mobility Card.

Sympower (Estonia/UK) provides real-time grid balancing by aggregating smart home flexibility in a cloud-based platform.

FlowBox (Czech Republic) optimizes energy costs for medium-sized & multi-site business by providing cloud aggregation of process control systems, into a single smart-control function.

Crownstone (Netherlands) uses your mere presence to control lights and devices in the home or office environment. Their hardware and AI enables smart building providers to localize people while saving energy without any effort from the user.

DAJIE (Italy) enables energy communities to independently share & value energy, making their local grids sustainable and reliable by providing totally distributed autonomous joint Internet & Energy Infrastructure.

Newatt (Brazil) is a dedicated, real-time energy cost management system for retail store chains and supermarkets, providing actionable insights.

Wapo (Greece) is a social platform which allows people and systems to engage in meaningful communication & collaboration, to live or work within smart buildings in a sustainable way.

Vebbu (Croatia) offers a smart ventilation solution which controls the air quality of your home in an energy efficient way.

Representatives from ENGIE,and from ENGIE Services Netherlands will attend the Demo Day as partners of the Rockstart accelerator.

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