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Smart buildings 11/06/2020

Safe@work by for a serene return to the office., a startup assisting companies in the economic and environmental optimisation of buildings, is launching a digital solution to manage workspaces during this period of deconfinement in order to meet the new health and physical distance regulations imposed by COVID-19. 

This solution, called "safe@work", makes it possible to book work spaces (workstations, car parks, floors and catering areas) and access them, while monitoring the occupancy rate in real time. This online service is designed to make life easier for employees, managers and human resources to ensure their safe return to the office. 

Thanks to simple and fast settings, it allows companies to define and adapt the occupancy rate of their offices in real time according to government recommendations. ENGINEERING's "Corpo-Working" Solution optimizes the occupancy of tertiary buildings by 30% by transforming vacant or under-utilized space into coworking space. Thanks to the online management of shared spaces and facility management services, companies can optimise their real estate portfolio by reducing costs while providing additional services to employees.

The proposed "corpo-working" solution reduces  carbon impact by optimising employees comute by offering them more flexibility and proximity to shared workspaces.  

Today, offers 1,200 workstations, 60 meeting rooms and has already more than 6,500 users in 2 countries: France (Paris and Ile de France) and Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp), including services offered in an eco-responsible approach: optimised energy consumption, responsible catering, concierge services etc. 

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