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Smart buildings 26/03/2018

Skiply creates action triggers to enhance the customer experience

Skiply was founded in 2015 by Jérôme Chambard and Sébastien Moulis. The startup designs survey terminals and action buttons to drive customer relations in real time and improve operational performance. Skiply won a call for projects launched by ENGIE Cofely last December and will join the ENGIE Lab at Viva Technology from May 24th-26th. Aurélie Fontaine, Skiply’s Marketing and Communication Manager, talked to us about the company and told us more about their terminals, which we have all seen in various public places.

Skiply specializes in real-time monitoring of customer satisfaction, improving the quality of services, and in a broader sense, improving operational performance. We market connected survey terminals and buttons that send signals or take specific actions, allowing us to interact with various audiences and improve their satisfaction.

Skiply can be found in public places where people are likely to have an opinion to give and across all the sectors of activity: shops, airports, railway stations, museums, etc.

Different terminals for different usages

Skiply provides different types of terminals for specific problems. In particular:

- Stations where passersby can tap a Smiley to indicate their level of satisfaction.

- Survey terminals where thumbs up or down can be used to give yes/no answers to closed questions like "Did you like this training session? "

- “Multiple choice” terminals with responses from 1 to 4 that let you ask very specific questions and offer 4 choices of answers.

- Terminals where users can tap pictograms to signal all sorts of issues: soap needs to be refilled in a bathroom, a meeting room needs to be cleaned, a coffee machine needs repair, etc.

All of our Smilio kiosks are equipped with warning systems that can be configured to alert specific teams (whether from commercial, maintenance, or cleaning) when problems are reported and/or when satisfaction levels deteriorate. Our terminals allow for a wide range of responses and use cases.

We can even do open polling by allowing people who to express themselves more extensively about their experience, either by leaving a comment by SMS or on a web page through a QR code. We recover these verbatim and our artificial intelligence solution Feezzer helps us analyze them and give a 360 ° view of customer satisfaction.

What will you be presenting at ENGIE Lab at VivaTech?

We’re taking advantage of Viva Technology to launch Smilio Action, a new range of modular connected buttons that let users trigger up to five different actions and which includes a proof-of-presence device (for staff to check in after attending to a problem).

It consists of compact and low-cost boxes that give people the opportunity to act immediately to improve their operational performance by simplifying a process, optimizing resources, improving quality control, etc.

Smilio Action boxes use Sigfox or LoRa communication networks (dual-mode). They are fully customizable and address many issues: directing staff to isolated sites, reporting malfunctions, managing requests for automatic site rounds (maintenance, cleaning), emergency calls, personal service management, package tour optimization, call buttons on production lines, etc.

What’s innovative about this new range?

The Smilio Action range is innovative primarily because of its operating principle. It’s completely wireless and doesn’t use WiFi or 3G and is completely independent. Its great strength compared to existing solutions is that it is bi-modal (using LoRa and Sigfox networks) and its parameters can be adjusted remotely via Downlink. This makes it the ideal combination for IoT solution integrators.

Also, all of our equipment comes with "Proof of Presence" technology that confirms and timestamps when personnel use it. This is indispensable in many areas like facility management or personal services.

Other distinguishing criteria about our products:

- They have a very long battery life, operating for up to 10 years without needing replacement batteries.

- They are waterproof (IP65) and resistant to extreme temperatures (-40 ° C to + 60 ° C)

- Their exterior parts are given antibacterial conditioning and are perfectly hygienic.

What do you hope to achieve by appearing alongside ENGIE at VivaTech?

In December we won a call for projects that ENGIE Cofely had launched about improving employee satisfaction on industrial sites.

At VivaTech we hope to meet other ENGIE business units, to learn about the ENGIE universe, to expand our ecosystem of partners, to think about how to work with ENGIE on new use cases for the future of energy, mobility and the smart city.

What does the future hold in your opinion?

For us the future is going to be collaborative!

It's been Skiply’s collaborative spirit since our inception that has allowed us to develop so quickly and flexibly.

Smilio Action is the perfect illustration of this approach, since it makes the best use of everyone's skills, both internally with our employees and externally with our end customers. This range is the outcome of many long months of back and forth discussions with customers who weren’t able to find solutions on the  market that were durable and cheap enough to meet their needs.

Now that the product exists, we want to interact and collaborate with our customers and partners to simplify their processes, optimize their resources and improve their performance.

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