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Stereograph: virtual reality serving infrastructures

Smart buildings

The Stereograph Studio, with offices in EuraTechnologies, is the backbone of the company founded in 2007 in Lille, France. Their core business: 3D computer generated images. On the occasion of the GDF SUEZ Innovation Day, the Stereograph team presented their flagship applications: Observ3D and Teia.

Observ3D is an interactive solution, providing an avatar-like experience of stepping into the virtual world of a building that is still on a blueprint or under construction. Observ3D is built usingvideo game engine technology. An unusual visiting experience in virtual reality, on iPad or even with Oculus Rifts, the virtual reality headsets. “We bet on Oculus Rift as soon as they launched their first campaign Kickstarter and integrated it to all our tools”, says Christophe Robert, Stereograph’s CEO.

Teia is a collaborative application and a software to manage, remotely and in real time all the infrastructures of a building: gas, water, electricity…”, explained Caroline Charlet from Stereograph. The energy flow measurement data is sent to the multi device application. Parameters are monitored through a computer interface. Among Stereograph’s customers are architects but also real-estate firms such as HOK, SOM or Zaha Hadid Architects as well as manufacturers.

The start-up born in Lille opened an office in San Francisco in 2013 and strengthens its international development. Stereograph completed its first 2 million euro fundraising in 2014 from Pléiade Ventures and Nord France Amorçage.

Source: Hugo Whitemore

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