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Smart buildings 31/05/2017

Diya 0ne, the world’s first anti-pollution robot, will be at Vivatech with ENGIE

Ramesh Caussy, the founder of Partnering Robotics, is an old friend of ENGIE’s. He took part in the first wave of projects chosen to inaugurate the "Better energy in the city" incubator created by ENGIE and Paris & Co in 2015. From June 15th to 17th, Partnering Robotics will be exhibiting Diya One, the first anti-pollution robot, at ENGIE’s Energy Lab at Viva Technology.

Hello Ramesh, can you give us a short introduction to your company?

I founded Partnering Robotics in 2007. It’s an innovative company that designs and creates solutions (hardware platforms, software) and digital services for emerging markets (robotics and energy management). Our solutions are combined with massive data reservoirs, which create new possibilities for dynamic services and mapping.

We invented Diya One, the first interactive neuro-inspired robot that takes care of indoor environments and the well-being of a building’s occupants. It’s more than a robot: Diya One is an open platform that has positioned Partnering Robotics in the enterprise services market.

What’s innovative about your project?

Diya One is a world first for several reasons. It is the first antipollution robot: it detects pollution in the air and then purifies it. It’s the first multi-service, neuro-inspired robotic platform. It is also the first service robot whose skills have been approved by a scientific body, the CSTB in this case.

Beyond that, Diya One combines a number of skills that make it unique. It’s equipped with neuro-inspired artificial intelligence, which allows it to adapt to the living and working environments it is brought into and to evolve.

What are you going to show to Vivatech?

Diya One, of course! As the first multi-service neuro-inspired robotic platform, Diya One has artificial intelligence that allows it to navigate large, dynamic environments fluidly. As it is both independently-operating and non-humanoid, Diya One is a real climate "R2D2", and interacts with people and its environment. Although its initial scope was air purification, Diya One is also a scalable modular platform whose usefulness increased based on the needs it satisfies and how it is used. As a truly multidisciplinary learning technology, Diya One is unique in the world as a service robot.

What do you expect to get from being at Vivatech with ENGIE?

To Show that our partnership with ENGIE is a success. To present ENGIE as an innovative project leader. To get greater visibility among ENGIE’s portfolio of customers.

Finally, what question would you have liked me to ask you?

As me how I imagine Diya One will be in a few years!

And so?

Our dream is that Diya One will be known world-wide. We are currently on track to turn this dream into a reality!

Diya One is being brought to work in offices, museums, health centers, shopping centers... But who knows, maybe it will soon be used to purify air in our homes? And why not also by making itself useful to the whole household with the Diya Board!

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