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Small Modular Nuclear for decentralized zero carbon electricity production

Small Modular Nuclear for decentralized zero carbon electricity production

Sustainable energies
Current trend of the technology :

SMR are nuclear fission reactors of up to 300MWe equivalent, designed with modular factory fabrication (current nuclear power stations are larger than 1,000 MWe in current net capacity).

The commercial phase has begun: Canada is very active in SMR development and has made its commitment official. Ontario Power Generation has chosen the BWRX 300 designed by GE-Hitachi for its Darlington project. In July, China began building the first commercial SMR onshore nuclear project using its own "Linglong One" SMR design with a 125 MW capacity. Finally, in October, French President Macron announced? a €1 billion investment in the building of SMR as part of the "France 2030" five-year investment plan to drive industrial development.? In April, Terrestrial Energy contracted with ENGIE Laborelec for technical services relating to its nuclear fuel salt qualification program for the IMSR (Integral Molten Salt Reactor).


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