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The ocean as a primary renewable energy source - Second part

The ocean as a primary renewable energy source - Second part

Sustainable energies
Current trend of the technology :

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a process where energy is generated thanks to the difference in temperature between deep cold water and warm surface water. It includes Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC). Salinity Gradient Energy is generated thanks to the difference in salt content between freshwater and saltwater.

Ocean geothermal energy is still a non-mature technology. However, the first French demonstrator Thassalia is now finished. Installed at the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille in 2016, this plant is the first of its kind to use marine thermal energy both in France and in Europe. It supplies heating and cooling to all of the buildings connected to it via a 3 km network, which will eventually cover 500,000 m² in an eco-district which represents 70% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Regarding salinity gradient energy, major operational issues related to the membrane persist. 


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