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United States


A comprehensive energy and sustainability program designed to transform the learning environment, reduce operational expenses and provide engaging educational ... Project details

United Kingdom


An integrated device from ENGIE including “connected building” software which allows users to optimize costs and performance in key areas such as energy an... Project details



Web App to support the development of commercial synergy among BU Brazil companies, fostering the exchange of information, business opportunities and customer d... Project details



The steel pipes used to distribute and transport gas receive passive corrosion protection from a layer of polyethylene (PE). This protective coating needs to be... Project details



Mobile application and web portal providing educational content and games, helping employees to get to grips with different subjects and make these causes their... Project details


Watertight safety sleeve

This system is designed to contain any water which might escape from the fuel transfer tubes of nuclear reactors in the event of an earthquake. The sleeve is a ... Project details


Pfreimd storage battery

A 10 MW lithium ion storage battery, combined with ENGIE’s Pfreimd hydro-pump plant to deliver primary reserve control for the grid operator. Project details

Belgium, France

A taste of Holacracy

BIO GEM pioneers by adopting a disruptive social technology at large scale Project details


Improving mobility while creating the basis for a growing smart city

Deploying a traffic management system for the city of Niteroi (Brazil), based on virtual loop cameras and smart traffic controllers with a target of improving t... Project details


Communities Solar plant in Brazil

The first communities Solar project for which ENGIE covers the whole value chain, encouraging B2C consumers to take a stake in an existing Photovoltaic (PV) pl... Project details


Biomethane connection tool

This IT tool facilitates, secures and accelerates the preliminary studies required to connect biomethane injection units to the GRDF natural gas network. Project details



The sharp increase in air traffic has led to a significant rise in activity at existing airports. In order to meet the challenge, the AIRtouch application updat... Project details

New Zealand

ENGIE reinvents Heating and Cooling in Christchurch

A unique approach to district heating and cooling using Ground-Sourced Heat Pump (“GSHP”) technology, coupled with the ability to fuel switch to Landfill Ga... Project details


Using waste heat for cooling

Using a heat exchanger to recover energy from the exhaust of an electrical generator, used in conjunction with absorption technology to produce cool air, thus p... Project details


Facility Energy Management 2.0 in a premium-quality office building

A tertiary-sector initiative at the heart of the digital transition, improving existing services and developing new ones Project details


The "Excellence for Customers" Label

This label allows us to concentrate and coordinate the work done by our teams to maximize customer satisfaction, while also promoting the expertise of ENGIE Cof... Project details

Tanzania, United Republic of

Micro-Utility Platform

The Micro-Utility Platform is a comprehensive B2C energy package for everybody: from small, isolated customers to urban and suburban areas in developing countri... Project details


Environmentally-friendly buses in India

Project for the replacement of cars with envrionmentally-friendly buses on the route between Gurgeon and Delhi in India. 500.000 cars can be replaced by just 10... Project details


Rivesaltes Grid

Creating a micro-network connecting solar panels, buildings (workshop), electric vehicles and a battery storage system, and also developing a comprehensive mana... Project details



A digital hub for building and facility managers Project details



An energy renovation service for jointly-owned buildings, taking care of building work with guaranteed results: economies of scale made possible by our expert, ... Project details



PowerZee raises awareness and encourages students and employees on campus to make an active contribution to reducing their environmental impact. Project details


Sludge Drying for CO2 reduction

Replacing coal in power plants with dried sewage sludge reduces the CO2, footprint significantly and is highly profitable as waste disposal brings in additional... Project details



Mobil'IT is an application platform designed to facilitate the digital transformation of ENGIE Ineo specialists, with the potential to make savings of up to 30%... Project details


Citizens’ Environmental Surveillance Committee

The success of the Citizens’ Committee for Monitoring and Environmental Surveillance for the New Cold Reserve Project at Ilo (Peru); zero shutdowns, avoiding ... Project details


Smart Factory

A smart, flexible software system for industrial robots and equipment: not only does it allow users to configure their robotic resources but it also enables fle... Project details


Ki-oZ !

Ki-oZ is a new approach to managing innovation and accelerating the development of ideas proposed by GRDF employees. Its strength lies in its new vision of gove... Project details


Battery Boats

Providing a “Cold Ironing Service” in Port of Antwerp, based enabling sea-goings ships to avoid unsing their diesel-powered engines during cargo unloading/l... Project details


The world’s largest river-based hydroelectric project

Installation of a pilot scheme with 39 hyro-turbines in the River Rhône,downstream from the Genissiat hydroelectric dam (France). Project details


GRDF is putting employees and customers at the heart of its transformation process

This approach involves creating new agencies dedicated to scheduling and optimizing technicians’ appointment timetables, rethinking their digital tools for mo... Project details



A digital solution for dynamic management of noise levels in shared spaces: a smartphone installed in the pilot zone acts as a noise sensor (measuring the acous... Project details


Incident Management

Web and mobile application designed for integrated, optimized crisis management during incidents requiring large-scale deployment on the ground. Allows incident... Project details


Safety Moment

In the spirit of maximum involvement, safety-related topics are regularly addressed in a manner which encourages all personnel to actively participate. This pro... Project details


Personalized, interactive video

Personalized interactive video is a new medium which allows us to form close relationships with customers while also satisfying their demands. Users are present... Project details



Using a ‘wide angle’ camera pointed at the sky near solar panel facilities, ImagiNE acquires and analyzes images allowing us to forecast upcoming down perio... Project details


Predictive maintenance and related services

A range of predictive maintenance and accompanying services to make industrial and tertiary-sector buildings and facilities more reliable and more profitable, b... Project details



FreeZBee is a friendly yet powerful business application designed to reinforce commercial relationships, giving all employees the opportunity to share and promo... Project details


Linking open data with internal data at large scale to increase sales

Systematically cross-referencing Open Data from public sources with internal data allows ENGIE to target potential clients more accurately, market products mor... Project details


ENairGIE Control Center

A control center allowing users to intelligently pilot and manage the energy consumption of all components in their compressed air systems (cooling pump, air dr... Project details


Green PAC

Hybrid heat pump operating at high temperatures (120°C instead of 85°C) and low pressure. A solution which uses 100% natural fluids, made in France! Project details



By combining 3D laser scanning and laser tracking technologies with BIM, ENGIE Axima has developed and rolled out a new process which allows technicians to effe... Project details


Increasing efficiency and performance with an Open-Flash-Economizer

The Open-Flash-Economizer increases the efficiency as well as the cooling capacity of the Quantum chiller significantly, without increasing the chiller’s carb... Project details


Panorama, activity management 3.0

A web portal designed to industrialize the tools used by GRDF to analyze and steer routing activities. Panorama was rolled out in the Ile-de-France region in 20... Project details

United Kingdom

The I Team

Fostering a culture that motivates ENGIE UK’s 17,000 employees to think and behave like entrepreneurs; supporting the delivery of Strategic Projects; driving ... Project details


The Digital Avatar of the building

Digital solution which makes use of technical, historical and usage data to optimize the performance of buildings, from initial design through to the operationa... Project details

United Kingdom

Zero Harm “In Your Face”

An interactive Zero-Harm “face-tracking interactive poster” showing employees what they should look like in appropriate safety gear. This is a truly effecti... Project details



Developing an offshore electricity grid connecting North Sea Windfarms to Offshore Oil & Gas production platforms, shutting down conventional power generation b... Project details


Modular substations

An initiative focused on streamlining and standardizing substations in order to reduce costs and slash implementatio delays. Project details


Scan My Bill

Simplifying the processes of simulation and contract management for B2C customers, with the option of downloading a digital bill summarizing all of the relevan... Project details


Natixis Class of 2016: future talents for satisfied customers

A class of seven apprentices trained for careers with one of our clients, thanks to a three-way partnership between the client, local schools and the company. T... Project details



The aim of the Sungie project is to develop a digital solution which will allow for decentralized crowdfunding of solar panels, with the help of Blockchain tech... Project details


My Power

My Power is a self-consumption, no-storage solar power solution aimed at individual homeowners, allowing them to save up to €600 on their energy bills. Project details



Helping residents to understand the real impact of a proposed wind farm in a fun, visual way by means of a virtual reality immersive experience. Project details



A smart supervision tool boosting the productivity of methanization and biogas plants by 5-15% thanks to intelligent algorithms capable of taking the “biologi... Project details

United States

Communities Green

A new product that combines 100% green energy and communities solar power, offering customers locally-produced sustainable energy solutions and substantial sav... Project details

France Sélectionné


Enrolled 664 volunteers aged between 18 and 25 for a 7-months assignment focused on natural gas customers living in energy poverty, to inform them of domestic ... Project details

France Sélectionné


Renovating buildings in the tertiary sector is first and foremost a question of technical tasks, but practical usage is what makes a building important. Novald... Project details


ENGIE Open Box

Transforming public lighting infrastructures into a connected, multiservice network, while also creating a smart city marketplace. Project details

France Sélectionné

Power plant downtime reductionthrough 3D scanning and on site machining

Through endoscopic inspection, EDF Cordemais detected cracks on a critical steam turbine inlet valve, for which they had no spare valve in stock. Thanks to 3D ... Project details

France Sélectionné

RF Blade

Wind turbines interfere with radar signals. Around 40% of FR is currently off-limits for this reason. Using technology first developed in the defense sector, an... Project details

France Lauréat


BioScyance uses biopolymers (sugar chains!) naturally produced by bacterial strains of marine origin for a 100% organic treatment of industrial and urban waters... Project details

Belgium, France, Netherlands Sélectionné

The GEM Services

The GEM Services is an incubation project with core ambition to expose GEM best-in-class business capabilities (market access, risk and assets management) as W... Project details

France Sélectionné


Climespace has developed a next-generation, compact, low-cost substation which could allow us to reach a whole new market, while also fitting in with the City o... Project details

Belgium, Netherlands Sélectionné

ENGIE Energy Storage Park

The Energy Storage Park installed at Drogenbos allows ENGIE to take a decisive step in the energy storage business. Project details

France Sélectionné


RAIL-MAP allows operators to automate any train line. Project details

France Sélectionné

DAPM : Smart Energy - Cities As a Service

This digital hub, resulting from 6 years of R & D, finally provides the solution interoperable, replicable and agnostic from the technological point of view for... Project details

France Sélectionné

Hydrogen BootCamp

What could we do if we filled an existing salt gaz storage cavern with Hydrogen in the new age of Energy Transition ? Concretely, locaaly, serving the territory... Project details

United Kingdom Sélectionné


By eliminating the need for Work at Height and providing Significant PPM cost savings for many of our client’s properties, SkyVac enables engineers to carry o... Project details

France Lauréat

Last year, ENGIE Home Services launched a dedicated on-line offer to sell and install boilers. Customers get technical expertise and personalized support. The p... Project details

United Kingdom Sélectionné

Angie The Chat Bot

“Angie” is a computer software solution that simulates human conversation in the form of an intelligent virtual assistant. Project details

France Lauréat

“Elec’Verte”, ENGIE Green Electricity

ENGIE revolutionizes the French energy landscape: ENGIE is now the 1st green electricity provider in France ! ENGIE has greened its full range of electricity c... Project details

United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar Sélectionné

Pioneering the electric vehicles market in Middle East

MESCAT co-created a unique electric vehicle experience for stakeholders, which allowed to test its strengths & weaknesses along the EV value chain, assess marke... Project details

United Kingdom Sélectionné

Our Digital Workforce (R.P.A)

Robotic Process Automation technology is revolutionising the activity in our back offices; creating a 'programmable' digital workforce to carry out mundane, rep... Project details

United Kingdom Sélectionné

The Connected Home Energy Launch

Home Energy has created a fully immersive virtual reality experience to demonstrate our Connected Home strategy to the media and other centres of influence. Project details

France Sélectionné


Sprinkbox is a connected solution for existing fire safety systems, making it possible to access and utilize their data. The goal is to make fire safety even mo... Project details

France Sélectionné

PILOT by Vertuoz

Combining energy performance with immediate adjustments to users’ comfort needs, Pilot is an open digital solution based on connected objects using Artificia... Project details

France Sélectionné


On our training sites, when it comes to removing protective gear we simulate contamination with fluorescein - invisible to the naked eye, but shown up by UV lig... Project details

France Sélectionné

Simple, effective filtration using... straw!

A clever, economical and ecological way to filter water which is full of suspended particles: bales of straw. More effective than high-tech membranes, straw is ... Project details

France Sélectionné


Measure uncertainty and get risk under control as you determine the level of energy commitments you can make when designing and constructing new buildings Project details

Germany, Belgium Sélectionné

Machine Learning on the Intraday Power Market

This operational model uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to provide a competitive advantage for our traders by predicting the future market pric... Project details

France Sélectionné


Compact’EAU is a high-performance treatment solution designed in synergy with ENGIE Ineo Defense and Suez Eau Industrielle. The technology has already won a p... Project details

United Kingdom Sélectionné


C3NTINEL uses Artificial Intelligence and historical data from meters and building sensors to analyse performance of energy consumption and building management,... Project details

France Lauréat

NEMO: optimising heating and cooling networks

NEMO works like a satnav system for network management. It is the only digital solution on the market capable of optimising the means of production and hitting ... Project details

France Sélectionné

With AI, ENGIE is revolutionizing the management of next-gen buildings

The new generation of inert, energy-efficient buildings are difficult to manage using standard techniques and traditional maintenance practices. With AI, ENGIE ... Project details

France Sélectionné

Using an electron accelerator to test the calibration

Radiation meters need to be tested and recalibrated once every three years (Ministerial Order of 21st May 2010) The standard method (137Cs) has numerous disad... Project details

Italy Sélectionné


We aim to cope more effectively with the churn phenomenone, focusing on the most valuable customers. Therefore, we tested a new data driven and decision-making ... Project details

United Kingdom Lauréat

UK Home Energy Connected Home Quby Pilot

The concept : as part our Connected Home Strategy, we trialed the Quby "Toon" smart thermostat/home hub - already succesful in France, Belgium, and The Netherla... Project details

France Lauréat


SaveMyLife is a project to develop a new connected personal protective device related to Safety Management that detects magnetic fields when approaching hazardo... Project details

Belgium Lauréat


An innovative and agile organizational approach for the Operations Department, “FleX”, combined with increased technical flexibility of gas power plants and... Project details

France Sélectionné


ENGIE Skill’Lib is a free online marketplace where all ENGIE employees can create their profile to highlight their skills (they become what we call « Skiller... Project details

Belgium Lauréat

The future is light !

ENGIE is preparing to enter an untapped market in pole position, as industrial and commercial building integrator of BI(O) PV solution. Project details

Belgium Lauréat

Customer Finance Program (CFP)

An innovative way in retaining and/or acquiring B2B customers by reconciling their request for longer payment terms without a discouraging cost brick. Project details

France Lauréat

Cargo Onboard

Worldwide unique tool for optimising LNG cargo management. Based on LNG behaviour expertise of ENGIE Lab CRIGEN, technical and commercial know-how of the GLOBAL... Project details

France Sélectionné


FLOW is a home-made software optimizing the global economic allocation of ENGIE LNG vessels to fulfil purchase and sale contracts over a 1 to 2-year horizon. Project details

Brazil Sélectionné

Sustainability and Culture Centers Implementation

In 2011, we decided to make culture a lever for the sustainable development and social transformation of the communities where we are inserted. Today, we can sh... Project details

United States Lauréat

Building Smart Cities in the American South

Through a partnership that started in 2014, OpTerra has helped the City of Arlington (Texas) maximize the efficiency of existing City facilities, transportation... Project details

United States Sélectionné

ECOVA Managed Energy Solution

With this breakthrough financing and pay-for-performance model, Ecova partners with energy providers to manage their customers’ energy use and deliver compreh... Project details

Belgium Sélectionné

ECOYO - A platform to exchange green energy with a human touch

The concept: a digital platform where consumers who strive for a greener world can buy their renewable electricity from the small local producer of their choice... Project details

France Sélectionné


The concept of CONCERTICE is to offer a service to help local authorities and operators in the coordination of road works to save money and mitigate the impacts... Project details

France Sélectionné


ELENA Pools is a comprehensive solution for regulating chemical and energy levels in public pools, guaranteeing user comfort and energy efficiency. Project details

Belgium, France Sélectionné


Intelligent solution to charge Eletric Vehicules in a B2B Building, taking into account: the needs of the driver using the smart charger (EV-Box/Powerdale) and ... Project details

Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom Sélectionné

eCare,a personalized home assistant to bring comfort and savings

ENGIE presents its new digital assistant that takes care of the home while adding a smart service to any type of connected device. Project details

France Lauréat

Using rain to boost wind farm output

Output from wind turbines is sometimes held back by the acoustic limitations placed on certain sites. When rain is detected, we can make the most of the noise i... Project details

Italy Sélectionné


ENGIE Italy launched a mobile app in order to promote customers interaction with their energy bills for payments, information, chat, etc. A special feature, ENG... Project details

France Sélectionné


EffiH2 is a service providing locally-produced Green Hydrogen where it is most needed, for industrial clients and local authorities within the same Sustainable ... Project details

France Lauréat

Decarbonized refrigeration

ILICO2 is a comprehensive, made-to-measure range of decarbonized cooling solutions. Based on innovative technology developed by ENGIE Axima, these solutions hel... Project details

France Sélectionné


Meeting the demands of the City of Paris by encouraging users and schools to adopt eco-friendly practices in order to reduce their energy consumption via "nudge... Project details

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